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Established in January 1993, the DZC began evolving. Stephen Kamichick was officially named president. To create a new automobile club with limited means and a car model which is also limited is not an easy task. There were good years and not so good ones but finally by 1995 thirty members formed the club. "Zxperience" was produced with very limited budget and resources.

1996 was a year of change. An aggressive recruiting campaign tripled the membership. Brady Moffatt was then club president. Again 1997 brought many more changes. Robert Miron took over as club president and his dynamic ideas helped to move the club ahead. He instigated what has become our most important event of the year: Z-DAY.

In 1998, Sylvain Menard was our club editor. He greatly improved the appearance of our newsletter. Jean-Pierre Lemonde succeeded as club president for the years 1998,1999 and 2000. He accepted the position of editor in 1999, a post that he had occupied with great devotion.

The year 2001 has brought more changes. Sylvain Lafortune is club president while Pietro Ciarla, one of the clubs early members is back after an eight year absence. Pietro currently holds the secretary- treasury. position. Brady Moffatt had ask to be replaced on his function. Claude Charette is in 2002 the new vice president. The edition task is cover by a comity since 2003.

The DZC has a well established social core. Raymond & Lorraine Lajoie, Robert Perras & Véronique, Claude & Marie Paule Charette and Josée Latour to name but a few, all work together so that club members can meet and get to know each other better and have fun.

2020 is a year of changes as Pietro Ciarla is retiring from the tresury, a fonction he's been fulfilling since 2002. He is replaced by Marquis Lemais. Sylvain Lafortune, our former President since 2001 is giving his seat to former President Luc Audet and will be taking the vice-president role. Claude Charest brought back the Z Day since 2017 after a 6 years hiatus.

Go driven and participate with more implication in your club “the Datsun Zoom Club”.


The Datsun Zoom Club is a non profit car club dedicated to the preservation, promotion and enjoyment of the Datsun/Nissan Z series and their heritage.

Founding Members

Stephen Kamichick and Brady Moffatt were the two founding members of the club. Fred Davidson, a resident of Ontario, introduced them to each other. Brady has been very active since the beginning and as club treasurer and a devout ambassador for many years. Stephen has since retired from the club.


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Monthly Meetings

The DZC offers you the opportunity to exchange on a regular basis during monthly meetings held at JARRY SMOKED MEAT, 6545 Jarry East, St-Léonard, H1P 1W2 (Map). These meetings are normally held on the second Monday of the month at 7:00 pm unless otherwise stated. I encourage you to consult the calendar of events for the dates of the meetings. In addition, you have access to our various events, constantly updated, so that you always have the right time on holding these.



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